What is a Writing Mentor?

It really doesn’t matter what you call me (within reason), as writing mentor, book coach, or accountability partner all work for my clients.

The services I offer might determine if we (you and I) are a perfect fit (pop to the services tab (menu) and have a look – go on, I’ll wait). My clients are as varied as the projects we work on together. One day I’ll be mentoring a new author to get them started on their book, the next day I’ll be writing a press release, or newsletter campaign for a small business, and the day after that I’ll be running a blogging workshop.

Writing, creating, and teaching brings me great joy, and that’s why I love what I do. As a multi-genre best selling author and an award-winning blogger, I walk the walk when it comes to how I share my knowledge and expertise. Being able to help professional women to write their book so they can position themselves as an expert in their industry is a great privilege. Equally, I adore working with writers on their fictional novels (paranormal, fantasy, horror, and post-apocalyptic are my favourite). I also provide blogging support and accountability coaching.

Interested? Great! You can work with me in a variety of ways:

My physical workshops include ‘Start Writing Your Book’ and my ‘Blogging for Business’ course.

My 121 sessions are perfect for your book project.

I also offer 121 sessions for blogging and content creation.

If you prefer to work at your own pace I’ve created a range of online courses (coming soon) including ‘Start Writing Your Book’ and ‘Create an Author Platform’.

Not local? Don’t worry, I offer face to face meetings in my local area, or we can work via Zoom ( a free online video platform).

For more information about all the services I offer, my courses, workshops, and more feel free to explore my website – hit the tabs above, leave me a message, share my blog posts, or sign up to my monthly newsletter.

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