Shelley Wilson Writing Mentor Group Programme

Group Programme

Join me on my 7 or 8-week group programmes as I lead you through everything you need to know about writing a book. Following my 5-step framework, my programmes include outlining, understanding your audience, creating a writing process, your author platform, and much more.

You’ll have dedicated weeks within the timeframe to work on your first draft.

There will be a selection of group programmes running throughout the year:

8-Week How to Write a Business Book (non-fiction)

7-Week How to Write a Book (fiction/memoir)

My commitment to you: I promise to support you as you start your writing journey and see the answers, guidance, and accountability you deserve. You will always receive my best attention.

Your commitment: Commit to each session and free up extra time to work on each element – there will be homework! A complete first draft is possible within the timeframe, although unexpected. I ask you to commit to the extra writing time and follow the process.

2024 Group Programme:

Starting Monday 29th January 2024 – How to Start a Business Book Group Programme (8 Weeks)

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