Shelley Wilson Writing Mentor Group Programme

Group Programme

Join me on my 8-week group programmes as I lead you through everything you need to know about writing a book. Following my 5-step framework, my programmes include outlining, understanding your audience, creating a writing process, your author platform, and much more.

You’ll have dedicated weeks within the timeframe to work on your first draft.

There will be a selection of group programmes running throughout the year:

8-Week How to Write a Business Book (non-fiction)

8-Week How to Write a Book for Beginners (fiction/memoir/non-fiction)

My commitment to you: I promise to support you as you start your writing journey and see the answers, guidance, and accountability you deserve. You will always receive my best attention.

Your commitment: Commit to each session and free up extra time to work on each element – there will be homework! A complete first draft is possible within the timeframe, although unexpected. I ask you to commit to the extra writing time and follow the process.

2024 Group Programme:

Starting Monday 29th January 2024 – How to Start a Business Book Group Programme (8 Weeks)

Starting Tuesday 4th June 2024 – How to Write a Book for Beginners Group Programme (8 Weeks)

What do my group programmes include?


Dive deeper into your book’s purpose and unique story
Discover why you are the perfect person to write this book
Explore your target audience and brainstorm your book’s core idea
Develop a solid foundation for your book journey


Organise your thoughts and craft a comprehensive book outline
Address motivation and mindset, essential for your writing journey
Understand how mindset impacts your writing and strategies to stay motivated


Establish a writing process and build a sustainable writing rhythm
Set achievable writing goals and receive weekly accountability support
Dive into the heart of your book, creating the bulk of your first draft


Learn the art of redrafting, revising, editing, and proofreading
Tailor your book’s blurb, strapline, and title for maximum impact
Essential lessons to prepare for the final stages, regardless of draft completion


Understand the significance of building an author platform
Craft a strategic book launch and marketing plan
Explore various publishing options available to bring your book to life

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