You’ve started writing your book and it’s going great, but then you get stuck.

It might be a research question, an outline issue, a motivational block or a lack of focus.

If this is you then a Power Hour session is just what you need.

It’s an hour dedicated to whatever you need help with.

You can pick my brains about writing, publishing, or marketing.

No question goes unanswered!



Are you struggling to pin down an idea for your book?

Have you started writing but feel adrift and would welcome some focus?

Do you crave the time and space to create a working strategy that moves your book forward?

Any writer worth their salt has a pot of ideas and a passion to write. Sometimes we need a helping hand when it comes to clarity and motivation.

My 1:1 Strategy Session will help you brainstorm your ideas, pin point your target readership, highlight your writing goals, discover your target audience, and prepare an outline to follow as you start writing.

We work together to create a strategy you can use to get started (or re-started!) on your writing project.


“Shelley is a true professional. She is excellent at what she does and is totally customer focused.
I would have no hesitation as she does a GREAT job!”

Ann Sherlock

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