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Do you have what it takes to go from idea to published product? Taking action to plan, write, publish, and market a book requires time, dedication, focus, and self-motivation.

Confidence and self-doubts are significant factors when deciding to write a book.

  • ‘Do I have enough experience?’
  • ‘What if it’s all been said before?’
  • ‘Who am I to write a book?’

I hear these worries all the time. But how does it feel to see your peers writing and publishing books and reaping the benefits? They know what you know, but the only difference is they had the determination and drive to take action.

Through my mentoring business, workshops, and courses like this one, I help my clients navigate that journey to authorship.

My clients have extraordinary stories and overcome massive hurdles to be where they are today. They want to share their knowledge and experience with the world, and they want to make a difference.”

Are you ready to make a difference?

The self-help industry includes holistic health and wellbeing, weight loss, menopause, lifestyle coaching, motivational speaking, and much more. Writing a self-help book either aimed at your client or as an inspirational tool is a wise choice. Your goal could be to share your creativity and story with the world, motivate your clients in some way, or offer self-improvement.

  • I want to use my experiences to help others
  • My training and expertise would be valuable for a wider audience
  • My 1:1 coaching programme would transfer well to a book format

As well as helping thousands of people, my self-help books also opened up a host of opportunities for me including speaking at women in business conferences and giving motivational talks at networking groups. I’ve talked about writing memoirs for the WI, run workshops for business owners, been an agony aunt for a well-known women’s magazine, and made guest appearances on podcasts and at events across the globe, including the U.S. Book Show.

My writing clients notice a difference in how their end client finds them. Having a book becomes a pivotal part of any business sales funnel, directing potential clients along a path of trust and engagement.”

What are you going to learn in this course?

  1. Getting started – connecting with your story
  2. Target readership – understand who you are writing for and why
  3. Outlining your book – creating a road map to follow as you write
  4. Mindset and motivation – understand how powerful accountability and focus can be
  5. Manuscript preparation and research techniques – learn how to put it all together
  6. Author platform – learn how to market your book before you’ve finished writing it

About Shelley

Shelley has written eighteen books across multiple genres, including non-fiction self-help, children’s meditation, and young adult fiction. She started her career as an independent author publishing her first non-fiction self-help/memoir in 2014, before signing with a publisher on a ten-book deal in 2017. When she’s not writing her books she mentors new writers to get out of their own way and write the book they’ve always wanted to.

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Watching my clients holding their published book in their hand is the greatest moment. Giving them space, time, support, and accountability to achieve this goal is what drives me and my business.” Shelley Wilson


If you have a networking group and would like to include a practical workshop or need a guest speaker to talk about writing a book, publishing, or building a career as an author please get in touch for availability and rates.

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