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Building an Author Platform – Getting Started #WritingCommunity #IndieAuthors

Building an Author Platform – Getting Started.

Sharing guest posts by fellow authors on my writing blog is something I enjoy doing. It’s the reason I run features like my popular Top 10 Writing Tips and Author Interviews

I’m always fortunate to be inundated with willing volunteers when I put out a request for guest posts, and I’m more than happy to use my blog to promote the author and their book/s.

As with any submission request, I ask that each piece is accompanied with a photo, book cover, author bio, and social media/sales links. However, I’m often surprised by the lack of promotional information I receive from new authors.

Preparing a guest post without the right information takes up valuable time as I must search for the bios, images, and links. It’s only when I start looking for these details that I realise how many new authors are missing out on valuable book marketing opportunities.

As an author, which of the following do you have? Continue reading “Building an Author Platform – Getting Started #WritingCommunity #IndieAuthors”