Nail Your 60 Second Networking Pitch, Shelley Wilson Writing Mentor,
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Nail Your 60 Second Networking Pitch

Nail Your 60 Second Pitch

Nail Your 60 Second Networking Pitch, Shelley Wilson Writing Mentor Blog

If you’ve ever been to a networking event there’s a strong likelihood that you’ve been asked to introduce yourself and your business in a short amount of time. Some groups are relaxed about this introduction and allow you to pace yourself and include a few anecdotes, whereas other groups use a stopwatch to ensure you don’t go over that allocated 60 second slot.

If you pre-plan your pitch then no matter how a group is run (relaxed or regimented), you’ll nail your moment in the spotlight and gain valuable connections.

There are different ways of referring to this process:

60 second pitch

Elevator pitch

Mission statement

Brand story or message

Whatever you choose to call it isn’t important, but what you say can make the difference between capturing a lead or disappearing into a sea of faces in a large networking room. There have been certain pitches I’ve heard over the years that have prompted me to seek out the speaker and introduce myself after the introductions. Not necessarily because I needed their services or products, but because they left a positive impression and I felt the pull to find out more.

If you follow a few basic rules when planning your 60 second pitch then you won’t go wrong. Continue reading “Nail Your 60 Second Networking Pitch”