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Top 10 Self-Publishing Tips by ‘PJ’ #WritingTips #Authors

I run a successful feature on my author blog called Top 10 Writing Tips where twenty-seven incredible authors share valuable writing advice. You can find all the links to each post at When I approached PJ about providing his top tips I was delighted when he sent me a twist to the theme – self-publishing tips! What a perfect way to help new authors understand the world of independent publishing. Allow me to introduce PJ:

PJ is a long-time self-published author who occasionally turns his hand to a little freelance book-formatting and cover-design work, helping those of us who missed out on the tech-gene. Having helped many, many authors over the years bring their book to market (myself included) he’s the go-to-guy for all your self-publishing tech questions.

Here then are PJ’s top ten tips for self-publishing:

1. First, finish your manuscript

Whilst it’s important to start “building an author platform” and “creating a frisson of excitement about your forthcoming book” it’s far more important to actually FINISH the book. A book usually takes a year to write. START NOW. (If you haven’t finished your book, stop reading this blog post and get back to it.)

2. When it comes to your book’s interior steer clear of anything ‘complicated’

Illustrations or photographs might seem like a good idea, but they make the formatting of your book many times more complicated. If you’re not doing the formatting yourself that could translate to significant hike in book production costs. I charge my clients double if their books contain pictures. Even bullet points are a major headache. Stick to text and headings. That’s all.

3. Edit your book. Continue reading “Top 10 Self-Publishing Tips by ‘PJ’ #WritingTips #Authors”