Elaine Kasket Testimonial

“No sooner had I signed the contract for REBOOT than I began to believe that there was absolutely no way I was going to get it done. I lost confidence in myself, which I think a lot of writers on large projects do. I didn’t believe I was going to be able to pull it out of the bag, and I needed help.


And one of the people I turned to for that help was Shelley. She is an author herself, a multi-genre author, which I really appreciate because that describes me as well. But she’s also the most amazing and encouraging coach and cheerleader for other writers. And I turned to Shelley in a dark time, and she was always there for me to give me encouragement, to listen to chapters as I read them out, to give me feedback, and she was just a huge support to me during the process, which meant a lot.


So if you’re a writer and you’re looking for someone to help you out, get people in your corner who are going to encourage you from a place of really understanding what writer’s life is like, what writer’s mental crises are like. Shelley got it. She really got me. Shelley, without you, Reboot wouldn’t be hitting the shelves tomorrow.”


Sarah Gray Author

“The initial panic and doubt that were present when I was asked to write for a large e-publisher were quickly put in their place during my very first “Can you help me write a book?” conversation with Shelley. She knew exactly how I was feeling and what to say to reassure me that I could most definitely write a book!

Shelley’s process was well thought out and thorough. From initial brain dump to curating chapters and content, I knew exactly where I was and what my focus had to be at any given time. That’s not to say I didn’t doubt myself during the process! I did and Shelley not only expected it but she knew how to move me forward. As I progressed, my love of commas and exclamation marks was soon reduced to mere necessity! And who knew that two spaces after a full stop was no longer a thing… a hard habit to break after learning to type on a typewriter! Shelley was there every step of the way and under her expert guidance, I hit my publishing deadlines and proudly submitted my first book.

It is no understatement to say that I could not have done it without Shelley, and I cannot thank her enough.” Sarah Gray, Sarah Gray Stylist, Published Author of How to Dress with Confidence at Work

Campervan Writer Workshop

“I thoroughly enjoyed Shelley Wilson’s writing workshop. It was well structured, a good pace and very inspiring! It has got me thinking about my next writing project and motivated to stop procrastinating. It was worth the time and money!” Carla Devereux

Karen Heap
Orchard Business Development

Shelley has been a resident blogger for the Socially Shared Business Support Network now for a couple of years. Writing our monthly blog posts, often from just a subject title and few brief points, Shelley captures the right tone of voice and the essence of what we want to say perfectly! Shelley also writes event reviews of our annual women in business conference and special events and she has an amazing ability to effortlessly capture the atmosphere and the key messages of the key speakers. It was such a good decision to outsource our blogging requirements to Shelley because she has a natural talent for writing, works to deadline and offers a very professional and reliable service. She is a real pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!

white lady with long blonde hair wearing a black jumper

Jacqui Jagger
Beyond Boundaries Coaching

I went to one of Shelley’s writing workshops this week. It was a brilliant day – motivational and fun. The exercises were so helpful and practical. I got stuff out of my head and onto a page without it feeling like an effort, and I left feeling inspired to carry on writing.’

Rachael Watt
Award Winning Marketer, Author, Speaker and Business Strategist

As a new independent author, navigating the publishing process and best way to take my book to market was like a mine field of options and possibilities, and for me very much trial and error. I was introduced to Shelley, after experiencing a fair few setbacks, and honestly one meeting changed my world. Her down to earth nature, positivity and knowledge of writing, publishing and promotion was fantastic. She made it easy to follow and understand, provided practical advice and steps and really made a daunting process seem easier. I left with clear next steps and rekindled excitement for my book project. Shelley is now my go to mentor for author support and writing services. And I’d say a must have member on any budding authors team.

Paula Caroline

Intuitive Spirit Junkie, Content Photographer

“Shelley continues to support and offers regular golden nuggets in her ongoing writing and accountability group. Shelley knows her stuff and highly recommend for anyone who is looking for support with writing.”

Ali Jeffries


“Writing a book is a whole journey and your biggest asset is a great guide to support you and understand your vision. Shelley Wilson excels at this by sharing her wealth of experience in a really warm and engaging way.”

Janet Haddon

Business Coach

“Wow, Shelley What can I say? Thank you. Our session was amazing, you gave me more than I expected, not only with ideas but structure and support. I now know that I am more than capable of writing my first book and I am so excited to get started I cannot recommend you enough.” 

Testimonial Shelley Wilson Writing Mentor

Sara Gorry

Ghostwriter at Ghost Gals Agency

Shelley’s 5-Day Start Writing Your Book challenge was more than I expected! Shelley is so knowledgeable and helpful. She was there every step of the way answering questions and offering support. There’s no doubt Shelley wants you to succeed! She takes away the overwhelm that comes with starting a book. If you’re looking for a book coach, look no further.

Testimonial Shelley Wilson Writing Mentor

Jess Lovibond

Independent Therapeutic Practitioner

“I’ve just completed Shelley’s 5 day Start Writing Your Book course and it was incredible! If you’ve been procrastinating about writing your book then sign up for this group, it’ll be exactly the inspiration and motivation you need. I’m really excited about moving forward with my project now, I have a plan, an outline and a firm vision of what I need to do next – none of which I had at the start of the week – and that’s all thanks to the group.”

Julia Mitchell

Hatton Tai Chi & Nordic Walking Instructor

“I have only got to know Shelley via Zoom since lockdown, but I can’t wait to meet her in person! She has already helped me on a couple of occasions and her work is fantastic. When we chatted for the first time it was as if we had known each other for years. She is so easy to chat to and get to the heart of what you are trying to say. I would highly recommend Shelley if you are looking for help with any kind of writing.” 

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