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Do you have an idea for a non-fiction book?

Are you desperate to tell your personal story/memoir?

Writing a book is top of the bucket list for so many people, but knowing how to get started can be a stumbling block. If you’ve longed to write a book but don’t know where to start, I can help you navigate from idea to first draft.

You can sign up for my half or full day writing workshops where I’ll guide you through getting that idea out of your head and down on paper.


My full day writing workshop includes:

• How to choose the most appropriate topic to write about.
• How to structure your book/chapters.
• Techniques to build a writing routine.
• Motivational tips for completing that first draft.
• Finishing touches: Editing, formatting, cover design, publishing.

Through a blend of exercises and feedback, I’ll get you one step closer to writing your book. Full day workshops are 10am – 4pm and include refreshments (bring your own lunch).


If you have a networking group and would like to include a practical workshop or need a guest speaker to talk about writing a book, self-publishing, or building a career as an author please get in touch for availability and rates.

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In addition to my membership, strategy sessions, and physical workshops, I also have a variety of eBooks available.

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